Taylor-Odom Foundation Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  1. Residency: The applicant must reside within the defined geographical boundaries of Liberty County, Texas and attend one of five schools (Hardin, Liberty, Dayton, Hull-Daisetta, Tarkington) in Liberty County, Texas.
  2. Academic Standing: The applicant must be graduating by the end of the current academic school year. Candidates must maintain an overall grade point average of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale, or the equivalent, and report this on an official transcript.
  3. SAT/ACT Score: If the applicant has taken either the SAT or ACT test, the results must be submitted with the application or be reported as part of the official transcript.
  4. Major Field of Study: The applicant must enroll in a university, college, accredited technical school, or apprenticeship program in the State of Texas and participate in a curriculum leading to an accredited degree or certificate.
  5. Graduation: The applicant must obtain a diploma and graduate by the end of the spring semester immediately following the presentation of the scholarship.
  6. Application: The following documents must be included in the application packet. An incomplete application will not be accepted.
    1. A properly completed Taylor-Odom Scholarship Application
    2. A current official high school transcript
    3. A copy of college entrance exam scores
    4. A narrative essay about yourself and why this scholarship is important to you. It should include the following:
      1. Leadership and citizenship activities
      2. Career goals
      3. Community and volunteer involvement
      4. Other information the applicant may think is pertinent for proper consideration
    5. A copy of your Verified FAFSA form
  7. Scholarship Amounts: The total amount of scholarships funded each year will be at the discretion of the Taylor-Odom Foundation board of directors.